benefits of "er" Tanks


go Faster - Arrive sooner

Sometimes, the slower plane gets there first! A fuel stop significantly increases the "Chock-to-Chock" time. Longer range capability can shorten your total time en route by eliminating a fuel stop. 

This improves the overall mission performance of the aircraft.


Increases "personal" VFR or IFR minimum fuel reserves: Extra fuel on board allows pushing up VFR minimums to 45 minutes or IFR minimums to one hour and still have more fuel to fly farther.

added value

By improving the mission capabilities of the airplane, ER Tanks (like a high quality IFR panel) increase your airplane's market value.


Buy fuel at locations offering better prices, or skip fuel where it lacks competitive pricing.

time is money

Eliminate the need for refueling on medium range hops by carrying enough fuel to go out and back. If you're like us, you always fill the tanks before putting the aircraft back in the hangar. Eliminating the need to refuel on medium range trips, while maintaining sufficient safety margins, saves you 15-30 minutes on every trip.